Xtend Call Center

Multi-login Facility

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Access the Login Page and enter the User name, Password for authentication. Configure new campaigns from the browser interface and view status and detailed report of the complete list of dialed campaigns. Call summary, IVR activity, agent occupancy, average handling time, productivity and statistical reports along with queue information and much more gives invaluable insight into call center.

Multiple Outbound & Auto-dialer Campaigns

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Manage multiple campaigns effectively from the unified platform. Outbound application allows to dial a list of phone numbers automatically at the scheduled time and convey information to customers quickly.

Web-based Administration Interface

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Administer call center securely and perform all necessary changes in real time like change IVR prompts, adjust campaign settings, manage multiple users/agents through different permission levels, etc.

Full-fledged Campaign Activity Reports

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Manage multiple incoming calls/campaigns automatically and view detailed call reports like answered, abandoned, dropped calls etc. and take appropriate steps instantly to increase the efficiency of call center.

Robust Contact Filtering with DND

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Allows to filter the outbound/inbound calls with the help of the DND phone number list. Phone numbers from the specified DND list will be prohibited or blocked, thus ensuring that DND rules of conduct are followed during the campaigns.

Advanced Search Options

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User can efficiently retrieve the information about campaign activities, inbound and outbound call details and agent information based on multiple search criteria.

Monitor Agent Call Status in Real-time

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The user-friendly application allows monitoring of agent's productivity in real-time to maximise productivity and minimise agent inefficiencies to streamline workflow processes effectively.

Popup with Custom Fields

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Popup feature alerts an agent about the incoming/outgoing calls and also allows an agent to process the call in a better way and to update the customer data in real-time.

Different Outbound Dialing Methods

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User can enter the phone numbers and upload it using a CSV file and schedule the campaign time. Multiple outbound dialing methods like 'preview dial', 'lead upload outbound' and 'push dial' are available that helps to dial-out phone numbers and convey the relevant information to the customer in a quicker way. Retrial dial-outs are also carried out up to three times, for calls that are unanswered.

Extensive Call Reports

Occupancy Report

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Provides an overall productivity measurement corresponding to agents on the basis of time.

Abandoned Call Report

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Gives the basic information regarding the abandoned calls of a particular process and further this report can be categorised into calls abandoned within and beyond the specified threshold interval.

Answered Call Report

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Shows information regarding all incoming calls of a particular process and also helps to analyse and understand the specific campaign statistics.