VX Voice Logger for Analog lines is an adaptable and efficient device with a wide range of features. The most desired feature includes the welcome message greeting to the callers. Beep sounds or notification messages are generated to let the callers know that the calls are recorded for quality assurance. Users can even setup custom announcements based on days and hours of office operation/non-working hours and holidays. The Voicemail facility enables to follow-up with the customer calls that are missed during or after office-hours and an email account can be also configured to retrieve the recorded Voicemail messages. Click to see screenshots.

Xtend Voice Logger : VX Voice Logger

The VX device is connected in parallel to an analog trunk or extension and it records complete call details including Caller ID, call duration, time, call status, audio of every telephone conversation etc. The device comes in 2/4 port configuration and is a fully featured cascadable model where multiple devices can be connected to a single PC to scale up to total of 256+ ports.

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Salient Features

  • Greets caller with welcome message.
  • Recording notification via announcements.
  • Option to enable beep sound at fixed intervals.
  • Add customised announcements.
  • Set working hours, off-days, holiday list.
  • Supports announcement on keypress.
  • Support for voicemail facility.
Connecting Xtend Voice Logger - VX Voice Logger