Xtend Voice Logger

Call Centers

In call centers, communication happens through telephone calls and the support personnel needs to provide excellent phone support, a single mistake can cause inevitable damage to your business. In order to understand your customer in a better way, it is more important that the call center executive should be aware of phone etiquette and manners. In order to retain the existing customers requires companies to focus on practices that influence customers to continue doing business with them. Thus, to minimise the risk of potential discontent among customers due to poor customer service, call centers can implement our call recording solution to keep track of all telephone calls.

Financial Institutions

Call recording plays a vital role in banks, stock markets, foreign exchange markets, real estate markets, insurance companies etc. Most of the transactions in the financial offices are carried out over phone and these interactions should be recorded for future references. When potential issues arise, these recordings are vital as these can be cross-referenced for resolving the disputes. Telephone call recording in banks are essential for the smooth functioning of the system. Customer service is enhanced as company guidelines are followed while conversing with the customer over phone. Recording of calls can be scheduled on the basis of different shifts so that a proper database of call logs are maintained for further reviews.

Stock Brokers

In share trading companies, most of the transactions are dealt over phone. False transactions can result in huge loss, to assure safe and secure dealings - record all telephone transactions related to share trading.

Public Security Departments

Telephone call recording in police stations, control rooms, legal offices etc. can be implemented for public security measures. Each call is automatically recorded with relevant details into Xtend Voice Logger. Complete call network can be accessed through a secure interface for the purpose of monitoring. Crucial evidences can be gathered from the call logs while investigating any criminal case. Interactions in control rooms can also be completely monitored as a public safety measure. Audio logs are important reference materials that can be accessed at any time on the desktop and used as a proof to clear important issues.

Health Care

Call recording is essential in hospitals, clinics, pharmaceuticals etc. When a medico dictates the medicine over phone; it is always preferable to record the details. There may arise circumstances when the recording has to be verified for safety purposes. Even call recording in pharmacy can be utilised as a precautionary measure. In clinics, consultation appointments over phone can be recorded which can be cross-verified at any later time in case of discrepancies.

Travel & Transportation

Work efficiency in offices related to railways, airways, waterways can be maximised with the implementation of call recording solutions. Recording interactions between customers and support staff are essential for yielding insight into agent performance and customer satisfaction. Even the announcements in the railway station can be recorded for future verifications. Call recording can also be implemented in transportation offices like courier firms, cargo and logistic departments where most of the interaction with the customers for the pick-up and delivery of shipments take place over phone. With continuous reviews of calls the quality of customer service can be improved to a large extent.


In business firms record all transactions that are dealt over phone to ensure perfect customer service. Regular monitoring and assessment improves service quality resulting in increased customer satisfaction.

Enquiry Departments

The support personnel in enquiry offices should attend all the incoming calls in a polite and friendly manner with efficient information delivery. To check that the calls are dealt properly and the caller is satisfied with the response from the customer service, call monitoring and recording solutions can be implemented for interaction verification.