Xtend Voice Logger

Audio Line can be utilised wherever continuous audio recording is required. The logger logs the analog audio signals from any equipment connected to it as 'line-in'. Xtend provides USB-based Audio Logger in 1/2/4/8/12/16 upto 256 ports and more.

Xtend Voice Logger : Audio Line

This logger toolkit can be programmed in such a way that it initiates the logging immediately after a keypress. There are 4 ways in which Xtend Logger commences the recording process. They are:

  • Timed Recording:
    Logs the audio everyday, especially, during a particular time schedule.
  • Voice Activated Recording:
    Logs the audio when specific voice/words are recognised.
  • Continuous Recording: Logs audio wherever 24x7 logging is needed.
  • Externally-triggered Recording: Logs the audio, if and only if an external trigger occurs, such as a switch is turned on.

Just like the other models of Xtend Voice Logger, audio model is a passive logger that does not tamper with the voice quality or the signalling system. Again, no change is required in the existing system configuration to install this model of the logging system.