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Xtend CNA [Discontinued Product]

Xtend CNA

In this digital era, a person's telephone number - whether it is landline or mobile - is not a permanent fixed number and is subject to change depending on the situations. A landline number may change when an office or residence is shifted from one location to the other. A major expansion in the local telephone exchange also changes the telephone number by prefixing one or two digits to the existing number. The chances of changes in a mobile phone number is more to that compared to a landline number. A pre-paid customer's mobile number may change more frequently than a post-paid customer's number. A change in the service provider also results in the telephone number change. Also, there are people who go for fancy numbers, similarity numbers (numbers similar to their mobile number, vehicle number, etc.), numbers suggested by numerologists, etc. For all these people, telephone number change is inevitable.

In all these cases, the transistion is full of hassles - a businessman may lose business, a person may lose contacts with friends and relatives, he/she should repeat to every caller all the time that the number is changed, etc. In most cases, people scribbles the new number in a paper piece temporarily, unless it is an important one, the number changing person has to repeat the new number again and again to the same caller.

In the case of mobiles, the person will have to carry two mobile phones - one with the old number and the other with the new one - until all the callers in their circle updates their phone book. And, pay the bill for both! Imagine, a pre-paid user has to renew the SIM indefinitely!! And, who knows for how long they will have to continue with this because all the callers need not be frequent!!!

This is where Xtend's Change Number Announcement (CNA) comes into use. Xtend CNA is an electronic device that welcome all incoming calls with an automated announcement saying that the dialed number has changed and provides the new number to the caller. This ensures a hassle free transition from your existing phone number to a new phone number.

Multiple languages are supported and the number to be spoken, the required languages, the order in which the languages should be spoken and the number of repetitions can be configured using a computer.