SHELLSOCK ver 1.02

Are you jealous of the rich kid next door, just because he has the Too Costly Package for Indian People (TCP/IP) access? Does your boss snub you because you can't afford to pull 15,000 bucks out of your wallet? Do you throw fits (and the monitor depending on your mood), when you have to navigate through pages filled with image links that helpfully point out that they are [INLINES]?

Relax.., Take it easy... don't get mad..., get Shellsock. Utilize our path-breaking new software to get graphics through shell - and see who has the last laugh.

Welcome to the future of Internet shell access - Graphics!

If you cannot experience the graphics on the Web you are missing more than just good scenery; "You are missing out on a revolution". Heard the saying 'a picture is worth a thousand words'. Get the maximum out the World Wide Web, see it as it was meant to be seen. Click your way through the information highway - for FREE. YES! free is not a typing error, its a fact.

Why is Shellsock a freeware?

Well, the simple reason is that we found TCP/IP access to be prohibitively expensive (we still do). If this was the case for us, then the plight of the students, who have beg to their parents (because most of the parents still don't know a byte about the internet) for their access fees was pathetic. Besides, anyone who has surfed the Net will tell you that Internet without graphics is like watching Independence day through sub-titles (Uugh!). Hence we decided to make this a freeware, so that each and every person across the world can use the Net.....and we mean... USE the net as it was meant to be used.

The fact that we are giving it away free does not mean that it was something we did in a couple of days. This took us a solid 2000 hours of working time and more than 500 hours of online testing, which you will agree, is by no means small.

So, what you download is not just a program but the result of toil, of many sleepless nights, of moments of despair and those of victory. Yet, we felt that this product was more than just another utility, we felt it to be the key to a new world, a key we felt we had no right to hoard. Consider it as our contribution to a better, informative and more graphical world.

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The Shellsock FAQ

The Shellsock Troubleshooting Guide (Last Updated 19th June 1997)

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