Programming Language Integration - Java

Programming Language Integration - Java

To demonstrate the Programming Language Integration using Java, Xtend IVR introduces a sample script for Automated Bank Balance Enquiry system.

Any person who has an account in a bank would like to know his/her account balance status at any time. The customers have got only three options - walk down to the bank to get these details or contact the bank staff through telephone or go for the Internet banking. The first option is not feasible in the present scenario. The second option is not possible all the time as it may increase the workload of the staff and for the third option using Internet Banking facility will require a system with Internet facility which may not be possessed by many of the customers. To simplify, Xtend IVR brings out a faster approach in dealing with the existing accounts in banks.

Download the evaluation version of Xtend IVR and install the telephony application in your system. Run the sample script from the Script Editor. Click here to refer the code.

The automated attendant will work as given below:

  • IVR waits for the call
  • Caller dials the number, IVR accepts the call and plays the Welcome message
  • IVR asks the caller to enter the account number and PIN number
  • Validates the entries in the database
  • If the account number is valid, the IVR informs the account balance status to the caller
  • If the account number is invalid, IVR plays the invalid message and disconnects the call
Download the source file zip download for the Programming Language Integration - Java - Bank Balance

	display "Waiting for call . . ."
	answer 1
	play "Welcome.wav"
	display "Accept account number"
	$AccNo = accept("PunchAccount.wav", 4, 3)
	if $AccNo = "" then goto ENDIVR
	display "Accept PIN number"
	$Pin = accept("GetPin.wav", 4, 3)
	if $Pin = "" then goto ENDIVR
	display "Validating User"
	$Bal = BankDB.ReadBalance($Accno, $Pin)
	if $Bal = ""
		play "InvalidAcno.wav"
		goto ENDIVR
	play "AccBal.wav"
	play Money2Wav($Bal)
	display "Terminating Call"
	play "goodbye.wav"
	goto MAIN
	goto MAIN
	log $error
	display $error
	goto MAIN