Programming Language Integration - Web Service

Programming Language Integration - Web Service

Web service is a technology to communicate among applications in a platform-independent manner through standard XML messaging. The automated system allows the customers to get the daily tips by dialing the number. This sample script assists you to get the daily .Net tips from the website.

Download the evaluation version of Xtend IVR and install the telephony application in your system. Run the sample script from the Script Editor. Click here to refer the code.

The automated attendant will work as given below:

  • IVR waits for the call
  • Caller dials the number, IVR accepts the call
  • IVR calls the web service
  • Informs the daily tips and disconnects the call
Download the source file zip download for the Programming Language Integration - C# - Web Service

	display "Waiting for call . . ."
	answer 1
	display "Calling Webservice . . ."
	$Fact = DailyFact.GetDailyFact()
	display "Playing . . ."
	$Str = Format('The daily .Net Fact for today is "%s"', $Fact)
	Speak $Str
	goto MAIN
	goto MAIN
	log $error
	display $error
	goto MAIN