Voice Mail Systems

Voice Mail Systems

Voice mail systems are designed to convey a caller's recorded audio message automatically to the recipient. The IVR script demonstrated below introduces a simple approach to develop a voice mail application by setting up the variables like SMTP server, From address, To address, Subject, Body of the e-mail and the audio file name before sending the email.

Download the evaluation version of Xtend IVR and install the telephony application in your system. Run the sample script from the Script Editor. Click here to refer the code.

The automated attendant will work as given below:

  • IVR waits for the call
  • IVR displays the caller id and accepts the call
  • Caller is prompted to record the voice message
  • Finally, IVR sends the recorded voice message to the recipient's e-mail id
Download the source file zip download for the Internet Application - Voice To Email

$smtp		= "smtp.domain.com"
$from		= "emailfrom@domain.com"
$target		= "emailto@domain.com"
$subject		= "VoiceMail"
$body		= "Dear Friend, This is an auto-generated email with a voice 
							file attached to it." 

$pop 		= "pop3.domain.com"
$user 		= "popuser"
$password 	= "poppassword"

	display "Waiting for call . . ."
	answer 1
	display "Call from " $cli
	$pos = find($RecordFile,".rec")
	if $pos <> -1
		$RecordFile = concat( mid($RecordFile,0,$pos), ".wav" )
	speak "Welcome to voice mail server."
	speak "Please drop your ten second voice message after the beep."
	beep 400 500
	wait 0

	record 10
	wait 0
	$email.smtp 	= $smtp
	$email.from 	= $from
	$email.to   	= $target
	$email.subject  = $subject
	$email.body 	= $body
	$email.file 	= $RecordFile
	$email.pop		= $pop
	$email.user		= $user
	$email.password	= $password
	speak "Please wait"
	play "music.wav"
	play "music.wav"
	play "music.wav"
	$stat = SendMail("$email")
	if $stat == 0
		log "Error sending mail: " $email.error
		speak "Sorry. We are facing some technical difficulties."
		speak "Please call after some time."
		speak "Your voice mail has been sent."
		speak "Thank you."
	goto MAIN
	goto MAIN
	log $error
	display $error
	goto MAIN