Opinion Polls and Surveys

Opinion Polls and Surveys

Organizations can utilize the Xtend IVR system to automate polls and surveys to gather participant's responses quickly. Voters can call the IVR and directly caste their votes at any time. The automated IVR provides the polling surveys with modern cost-effective approach to deliver the voter's opinion quickly.

Unlike other applications, here, the user inputs are registered in the log file, thus reducing the database overheads considerably. The results are fetched from these log files and parsed appropriately before deriving any information.

Download the evaluation version of Xtend IVR and install the telephony application in your system. Run the sample script from the Script Editor. Click here to refer the code.

The automated attendant will work as given below:

  • IVR waits for the call
  • Caller dials the number, IVR accepts the call and greets the user
  • IVR prompts the user to enter the Election ID number and the PIN number
  • If the entered Election ID and the PIN number is valid, IVR allows the voter to record his/her vote
  • If the Election ID and the PIN number is invalid, IVR plays the invalid message
Download the source file zip download for the Opinion Polls and Surveys
	display "Waiting for call . . ."
	answer 1
	display "Call in progress.. " $cli
	play "welcome.wav"
	$ecard = accept("getecard.wav",10,2)
	if len($ecard) <> 10
		play "badecard.wav"
	$Pin = accept("getpin.wav",4,2)
	if len($Pin) <> 4
		play "invalidpin.wav"
		goto GETPIN
	play "poll-12345.wav"
	$Choice = input(1,3)
	log "<info>" $Ecard $Pin 1 $choice
	play "poll-23456.wav"
	$Choice = input(1,3)
	log "<info>" $Ecard $Pin 2 $Choice
	play "registered.wav"
	play "thankyou.wav"
	goto MAIN

	goto MAIN

	log $error
	display $error
	goto MAIN