Changed Number Announcement

Changed Number Announcement

To ensure that your customers remain connected with your company and no loss is incurred in the business whenever your number is switched to a new number - Xtend IVR can provide a sample script for free changed number announcement on your existing landline or mobile. The automated Changed Number Announcement system is established to speak out the new number whenever the call is received on the old number.

Download the evaluation version of Xtend IVR and install the telephony application in your system. Run the sample script from the Script Editor. Click here to refer the code.

The automated attendant will work as given below:

  • IVR waits for the call
  • Caller dials the old number, IVR accepts the call and plays the Welcome message
  • IVR prompts the caller to enter the telephone number
  • If number is invalid, IVR will inform the user that the dialed number is temporarily
    not available, please call after some time
  • If the entered number matches with the old number, IVR will announce the new number to the caller
Download the source file zip download for the Changed Number Announcement

$db = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=ChangedNumbers.mdb;"

	$displayprefix = ""
	display "Waiting for call"
	answer 1
	if $cli <> ""
		$displayprefix = concat("[",$cli,"] ")
	display "Call active..."
	play "Welcome.wav"
	$oldnumber = accept("oldphone.wav",9)
	if $oldnumber == "" then goto THANKYOU
	$sql = format("select * from NumberInformation where OldNumber = '%s'", $oldnumber)
	$NumInfo = db.RunSQL($db,$sql)
	if $NumInfo = 0
		play "error.wav"
		goto MAIN
	if $NumInfo.eof = 1
		play "notexist.wav"
		play "changed.wav"
		play digit2wav($NumInfo.NewNumber,,,1,200)
		play "from.wav"
		play date2wav(date.Convert($NumInfo.WithEffectDate,date.GetSystemFormat(),

	play "thankyou.wav"
	goto MAIN

	goto MAIN

	log $error
	display $error
	goto MAIN