Online IVR Tutorial
Variable Window


Different variable categories available in the software are listed in the Variable window, also known as the Watch window. Currently there are three categories - System, General and Group variable. System contains the system variables or reserved variables, which are declared by the Xtend IVR. General category consists of the user-defined variables in the script whereas Group variable(s) implies the resultant group prefix returned by a database query. Each group comprises of the fieldnames and other relevant information pertaining to the recordset.


This window displays all variables listed under the selected category.


The contents of the selected variable are displayed in this window. When the script is executed in single step mode, the contents, which is the variable value, can be directly edited. To bring up a separate edit window, double click the variable in the variable window.

You can change the value by typing the new value in the edit box. The new value will be automatically updated by the Xtend IVR when you close the window by pressing the OK button.