Online IVR Tutorial *------------------------------------------------------------
* Script : Sample-Serial Port Communication
* Date : 1st February 2003
* Notes : Sample script for Xtend IVR Toolkit.
; Query modem parameter using the AT commands

    ; each AT command is terminated by <CRLF><LINE FEED>
    $CR = chr(13)
    $NL = chr(10)
    ; Opens COM1 where the voice modem is expected
    ; Baud rate is set as 9600 
    ; N81 - No Parity, 8 data bits, 1 Stop bit
    if ComOpen("COM1", "9600 N81 none")
    ; Issue the AT&V command to modem   

    ; Get the size of data returned by modem
     $size = ComReadSize()

    ; Read the data streamed by the modem
    while $size > 0
        ; Modem is a slow device. 
        ; So wait for 2000 milliseconds for the data to arrive in the port
        $buffer = ComReadLine(2000)

        display $buffer
        log $buffer

        Sleep 1000			
        ;See for pending data size to be read
        $size = ComReadSize()

    ; Done. Close the port and quit
  goto MAIN
  log $error
  goto MAIN