Online IVR Tutorial smtp.xp

Xtend IVR includes a flexible SMTP plugin (smtp.xp) that enables the user to send e-mails / attachments via Gmail or other SSL / authenticated servers. The list of supported functions include:
  1. smtp.SetSSL()
  2. smtp.SetHeloId()
  3. smtp.Connect()
  4. smtp.Login()
  5. smtp.SendTextMail()
  6. smtp.SendHtmlMail()
  7. smtp.SendRawMail()
  8. smtp.Close()

Low level functions to construct an e-mail:

Using this approach, the different aspects of an e-mail like 'To', 'From', 'Body', 'Attachment', etc. are set separately using the individual 'Set' functions and the e-mail is send using Sendmail(). The low level functions include:
  1. smtp.SendMailFrom()
  2. smtp.SendRcptTo()
  3. smtp.SetTextMail()
  4. smtp.SetHtmlMail()
  5. smtp.SetRawMail()
  6. smtp.AddHeader()
  7. smtp.AddAttachment()
  8. smtp.SendMail()