Online IVR Tutorial

IVR Service Report

The start time and end time of the IVR System is displayed in this submenu. The report also includes the “Service Port”, “Call Port” and “Total Call”.

Click on the link "Call Statistics" present on the right side of the report to view the information about 'Channel Utilization'.

A table and graphical representation regarding the channel utilization will appear. The details include "CallTime" and "No. of Calls",

Click on the icon present on the right side of each report in order to view the call details.

A search window with default “Call Start Time From” and “Call Start Time To” will get displayed as shown below. Enter the search details and click on Search.

The Call Logs corresponding to the Search with details “Device ID”, “Call Start Time”, “Call End Time”, “Type”, “Caller No”, “Called No” and “Duration” will get displayed as below.