Developer Edition

The Developer Edition of Xtend IVR
allows the developer to create, test and debug IVR scripts without using a voice card/voice modem. To achieve this objective, the Developer Edition includes a user friendly IDE, Language specific Editor, Language Help with examples and an easy to use Configuration utility.

An on screen phone can be used to navigate and listen to prompts. All variables used by the IVR can be viewed and edited on the screen. Script execution can be single step, slow or at full speed.

This comprehensive debugging capability enables the developer to code and test the IVR without much effort. Once the IVR is completely tested and debugged, the script could be directly deployed by purchasing the Xtend IVR runtime.

The Developer Edition can simulate a telephony environment using Multimedia system only. As a result, the number of live resources that you require is less. If you require a demo or a test implementation on actual telephone lines, you should purchase the Standard Edition.

The developer edition of Xtend IVR is completely free and can be downloaded from