Xtend IVR

Xtend IVR is a Rapid Application Development toolkit for implementing Interactive Voice Response Systems quickly and easily. Any Computerised Telephony Integration solution can be implemented with reduced cost, time and complexity using our toolkit.

To know more about Xtend IVR, following materials are FREE for you to download.

Download PDF
Size | 1.88 MB
An overall description about Xtend IVR, it's features, applicable areas and benefits are mentioned in the brochure. Click on the Download to access the information.
Installation Manual
Download PDF
Size | 554 KB
Detailed description about the installation of IVR and it's features are given below. Click on the PDF icon to access the information.
Xtend IVR (Developer Edition Ver 3.0)
Easily create IVR application with the Free Developer Edition of Xtend IVR Toolkit. Comprises of full-fledged features for rapid development of IVR on a single port. Click on the option to download the trial version.
IVR Setup File
Download Free Developer Edition Size: 39.9 MB
Installation Instruction
Download PDF - Installation Instruction
Size: 284 KB
Help File
Download IVR Help File
3.87 MB
Refer this help file to design your own IVR system quickly with minimal efforts. Easily implement the sample codes on any programming platform and create voice applications within minutes.